In Victoria, the Magistrate Court, Children’s Court, and the County Court each have a specialised list for sexual offence proceedings. Penalties for sexual offences can be severe, and are increasing as time goes on. It is therefore especially important if you are charged with a sexual offence, to engage a criminal defence lawyer who is experienced in defending these charges. The expert defence solicitors at Slades and Parsons are experienced in defending not just criminal charges in general, but sexual offence charges in particular.

Evidence in Sexual Offence Cases

Slades and Parsons Solicitors
Criminal Law Defence Specialist in Sexual Offences advice and representation.

Allegations of sexual misconduct such as indecent assault, rape recent and historical may have serious consequences. Slades and Parsons Solicitors regularly provide advice and representation in these matters. We represent people defending charges at Trial and on Plea hearings in the County and Magistrates Court.

Call us for advice about allegations of sexual misconduct, indecent assault, rape and historical sex offences, dealing with police interviews or representation in court proceedings, contact our solicitors who are experienced in providing sound advice and representation in sex offence cases. We will provide a clear and careful assessment of the strength of the prosecution case and discuss with you the matters that should be considered for the defence of the allegations and preparation for court.