Injury, Assault or Violent Offences

If you have been charged with Injury, assault or violent offences, these can be serious accusations and may carry severe penalties. Knowing your rights during this time and having access to experienced criminal lawyers and a criminal law firm such as Slades and Parsons will help you to make the right decisions and ease the stress associated with such an overwhelming situation.

What is assault in the eyes of the law?

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The legal term assault refers to an attempt by one person to cause serious bodily harm to another person. This may be through a deliberate act, or through irresponsible actions that show a deliberate lack of respect for the victim’s safety. Assault is also defined as carrying out threat of bodily harm, or having the ability to carry out the threat. Assault is both a crime and a civil wrong, and may result in criminal charges and/or civil liability.

What is violence?

Violence comes in many forms and each of form is as serious as the other. In the eyes of the law an act of violence is unacceptable and may lead to criminal charges and accompanying penalties, including incarceration or imprisonment if found guilty. If you find yourself being charged with, or under investigation for an act of violence it is critical to obtain the counsel of an expert criminal law lawyer who will be able to provide you with clear, comprehensive advice on your legal rights.

Types of violence

Family violence
Domestic violence
Workplace violence
Sexual violence
Physical violence
Emotional violence
Psychological violence
Cultural violence

Should you find yourself in a situation where you are being charged with an assault or violent offence such as intentionally or recklessly causing serious injury then contact the experts is criminal law at Slades and Parsons. Our committed and passionate staff will guide you in the right direction, with informative, helpful advice on your rights, the processes and how to minimise the emotional impact and stress associated during this time of need.

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