Threat to Kill – Bomb Hoax


Our client was charged with making a threat to kill and making a bomb hoax, both serious offences. When he provided us with instructions we asked him about his life and his circumstances. It became clear that the client had a mental illness. His illness did not prevent him from living his day to day life, but would certainly have been linked to his offending. Our solicitor, with our client’s permission, made contact with our client’s doctor and obtained medical evidence in support of this. 

Our client agreed that he had committed the offences but was concerned that he did not want to have a conviction recorded against his name.The prosecution were unwilling to withdraw the charges based on his mental illness alone. We gathered medical material and presented a plea to the court, which persuaded the Magistrate, despite the seriousness of the offending, place our client to an Adjourned Undertaking for 18 months with no conviction being recorded.