Conspiracy To defraud


Ms Pisasale of our office recently dealt with a conspiracy to defraud matter involving the use of credit-card skimming devices attached to ATM’s by members of a Romanian crime syndicate.

In this particular case, two members of the card-skimming syndicate amongst other unidentified members, had placed card-skimming devices at a number of ATMs across Melbourne between March and May 2014 in an attempt to defraud. The gang members would wear wigs, blue overalls, fluoro tops and construction hard hats when using the card-skimming devices. Using the information illegally downloaded onto gift cards, members would withdraw funds from a number of ATM’s across Melbourne. The total fraud value amounted to approximately $250,000.000. County Court Judge Bill Stuart said the men’s offending had affected the integrity of the banking system to “a considerable degree”.

Co-accused Schneider, 58, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to cheat and defraud and was jailed for 5½ years with a non-parole period of 3½ years. Our client, pleaded guilty to the same conspiracy charge and was jailed for 2½ years with a minimum of 20 months. The judge noted he had no criminal history and his prospects for rehabilitation were excellent. Mr Oltean was born in Romania and sought political asylum in the United Kingdom in 2000, he arrived in Melbourne from Britain in May 2014 on a tourist visa before joining the conspiracy. He confessed to his involvement immediately after his arrest and was found by the court to be genuinely remorseful. His solicitor successfully ensured that his role in the defraud offending was significantly distinguished to that of his co-accused.